Dia Unboxing; 5-14-20

Today I did my first unboxing video, for my bimonthly Dia box which arrived recently.*

Here’s what I found inside:

Quick impressions–love the dress, which will be great with the drawstring cardigan over it for air-conditioned indoor wear. Like the top a lot and will try it with the skort. Dubious about the skort but willing to try. Capri leggings are not really my thing because I like to cover my ankles if I am going to cover my legs. But they may be good for working out.

I’ll try these things on and let you know how they look and what I keep!

*Dia & Co is a plus-sized women’s clothing subscription service. They send five pieces per box. There is a $20 fee which is credited to your purchase if you keep anything and you get 25% off if you keep everything. They use individual “stylists” who have access to your past reviews and comments. The only downside is that in the past I have kept something just to cover the styling credit or to get the 25% off that I didn’t really want, which is wasteful. But in general the cost is reasonable (If I keep all five pieces in my box this month it will be $145), the surprise is fun, and they have access to brands I don’t see elsewhere. They have now added an actual store front where you can manually add things to your box and/or buy them off-cycle as individual items, but I have not tried either of those options yet.

By Michelle

I am on a journey to body liberation and self love. Being fat, either superfat or infinifat depending on the day, and in my forties, there isn't a lot of visibility of people like me. Sharing my story as I try to figure things out.

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